I haven’t posted any photos of the dogs in a while, so I thought I’d put a few up now:

Hannah working sheep:

Hannah demonstrating a square flank:

Hannah imitating a greyhound on the gather (I wish I was in as good condition as my dog – look at those muscles!!):

Helping Hannah solidify “walk there”:

Waiting patiently to be sent:

Hannah demonstrating a lovely cross-drive:

Taking the sheep home:

Hannah and her well-earned trophy.  We had to send it back last week for this year’s champion, after enjoying it on the mantle all year:

The Crew enjoying the straw I put down in the yard to keep down the mud and give them a warm spot to sit or lie when outside:

Throw the ball!! Throw the ball!! (Hannah, Mira and Kestrel are the three at the back – I was dog sitting for a friend)

Border Collie pandemonium:

Enjoying the fall foliage at the local conservation area:

Hannah taking her turn as the “sheep”:

Whoo Hoo!!!