Well, the weekend is winding down and I didn’t get out and work the dogs at all.  I doubt I’ll get them out on stock much for the next few weeks, and once winter sets in, probably not at all for a few months.  Maybe it will be for the best.  I find it very tiring driving back and forth to where we can train – 1.5 hours return every time we work.  Maybe I’m better off saving my time and money, working hard to wrap up my degree, and then finding a place to move to (or a field to rent nearby) come spring so we can train every day.  The dogs do love to work so I will likely get them out from time to time, weather permitting, but I am feeling pretty discouraged overall about how much energy it takes just to get out and do something with my dogs.

Two nights ago I gave each dog a dose of a homeopathic remedy that I decided was appropriate to help get their life forces in better balance.  Both Hannah and Kestrel needed tweaking after being in heat (heat cycles are very hard on the life force and make imbalances clearer), Mira certainly needed a tune-up as I’ve discussed, and Ross needed a little help after his incident earlier this week.  Heck, I figured I might as well try taking a dose of something to try and help my back and sleep problems, which have flared up since the accident.  My insurance is giving me the run-around with respect to getting any professional help – they will pay for it but I have to submit a mountain of paperwork – signed by an army of health practitioners – before I can get started.  And since I am insanely busy right now, it all has to be put on hold for the moment.  The result is that I am in pain and sleeping badly and just having to live with it.

But I digress…

I gave Hannah a dose of Pulsatilla, which probably wasn’t the correct remedy for her. She had been scratching her face again and I typically give her Silicea, which seems to be her constitutional remedy (or at least profoundly affects her current state in a positive way).  Pulsatilla is the acute of Silica, and is a deeply hormonal remedy.  Hannah fits the profile very well and I thought since her issues were flaring up around her heat cycle, Puls would be the right choice. In hindsight, I think another dose of Silicea would have been the better choice. I may need to do that if I don’t see any improvements in her itchiness in a few days.

I gave Kestrel a dose of Belladonna.  This remedy seems to fit her very, very well.  I originally gave it to her in as a 30c dose, with no effect.  A few weeks ago I gave her a dose of Bell LM01.  I didn’t notice any difference at the time, but in hindsight I now realize that she has calmed down quite a bit and is no longer always flushing red and panting like a freight train, getting excited about everything and anything.  Belladonna is a remedy that is all about suddenness, and also red and heat.  There is often a lot of aggression in Bell, but Kestrel has no aggression in her at all.  However, she does have a fair bit of anxiety, along with explosively sudden movement and responses, and lots and lots of redness.  If she were a person, she’d be one of those who turns beet red at the drop of a hat.  Since giving her the Bell about a month ago, all of the above as declined steadily.  Is this just the result of maturity?  Perhaps.  I don’t know.  But I gave her a dose again two days ago.  Yesterday she went back to being her frantic, hyper former self, so it seems that the Bell is indeed doing something.  Time will tell.

I gave Ross another dose of Cantharis, 30c.  This is a remedy that is like Bell but has a lot of sexuality in it.  Ross definitely has some hyper-sexual behaviour and that has diminished since taking Canth.  Ross was on Bell for a long time when he first started his homeopathic treatment, and then got stuck.  I switched him this summer to Cantharis with good results.  Considering that his injury this week was to his groin area (no coincidence), I decided another dose of Canth was in order.  I only have this remedy in 30c and am considering whether to order it in a higher potency and see if it continues to help him.  I am going to be working with a professional regarding his thyroid issues, so will likely just leave things alone for now.

As for Mira, I decided to stick with Phosphorus as that seemed to give some improvement last time I dosed her.  I gave her a dose at bedtime and at 3am she woke fussing about the room.  I called her and she crawled out from under the bed.  No idea what she was doing under there, other than hiding.  Phosphorus has a lot of anxiety – and noise sensitivity – among other things, and I expect that she was having a bit of an aggravation.  I gave her a very dilute dose but she still was reacting. I put her in her crate where she’d feel safe.  Today she seems calmer, so I am hoping this will help.  She has been so quirky of late that I’m not quite sure what’s going on with her.  The hormones definitely were messing her up, but she seems to be overall going off-line a bit.  Now that I think of it, she did the same last winter.  Perhaps she’s just not getting enough mental activity. She gets plenty of physical exercise but I haven’t been training her very often lately.  I did do some agility work with her yesterday and she really, really struggled to keep her brain on the task at hand.  I will do more in the morning.

As for myself, I decided to try a dose of Pulsatilla as well.  The remedy fits me in many ways, but what caught my attention was that it has back problems, sleep problems, and is indicated for people who “sleep with arms over their heads.” That’s me – I sleep with my arms above my head every night.  Weird, I know, but I’ve been doing it since I was 20 years old.  I can remember when I started.  I can put my arms up over my head and instantly get sleepy, or pull them down by my sides and wake up.  Anyway, I thought that might point to Puls, being such a weird symptom, and took a dose.  I was prescribed Puls a couple of years ago so a professional once thought it was a good fit as well.  Interestingly, I woke up in the morning with my arms by my side.  As the day wore on, I became really, really down.  Ick. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a homeopathic remedy that messed with my emotions and I forgot how unpleasant it can be.  It didn’t help that I got some news that upset me, which probably is the real reason I was feeling so down.  But the remedy likely made me more susceptible to being upset by this news.  Fortunately I am feeling better today.  I’ll be interested to see how long I sleep with my arms by my side.  It definitely helps with respect to my back pain as I am not tensing up my shoulders as I sleep.

Today I took the dogs for a good hike at the conservation area.  There was a black SUV parked there that looked to be the same as the one I saw when I ran into the man wearing camouflage and carrying the bow and arrows.  I suspect he was back in the woods, hunting.  The conservation area runs into private property and sometimes I wander the boundaries of the two with the dogs.  Today I avoided that area as I am pretty sure this is where the guy hunts. The last thing any of us needs is an arrow sticking out of us!  I need to dig out my bright orange scarf and tie it around Hannah’s neck when we go out – she forages far and wide when we hike, and she also hunts deer.  She has white on her back legs and tail, which flashes like a deer’s when she runs in the dark woods.  I worry that she might chase a deer past a hunter, who might not notice that she’s not part of the flock.  I think deer hunting season is over, but tell that to the guy in camouflage with the bow and arrow in the woods…