I’ve been feeling really quite low for the last few days.  I was really down on Saturday, better yesterday but still not great.  Today I am feeling kind of crappy too.  I live such an isolated life these days and I guess it’s getting to me.  Probably the weather has something to do with it.  The very short days don’t help.  Today it was grey and cold and dark by 4:30.  I have a ton of work to do and barely got anything done.  I’ll try in a minute and hope to feel better by bed.

I didn’t even do anything with the dogs today.  The farm never got back to me about training and I didn’t call back to follow up.  I was going to just do some agility training in the yard but didn’t even do that.  Interestingly, the dogs just slept all day and have been as quiet as I have been feeling.  Maybe there’s something in the air.

The rest of the week is busy.  I don’t know why I suddenly crashed like this after feeling so positive for several months.  Maybe it’s the effect of the accident.  I typically crash after a strong emotional shock, and hitting the deer was certainly that.  Who knows.  I just hope I start feeling better soon as this sucks!  I’m sure the dog are hoping the same thing so they can get back to their routine of fun and exercise.