I just received the good news that the grading I have been working on for the last few days isn’t due until after the holiday break.  I was working extremely long hours to try and get through a  mountain of essays, and the progress was slow.  I was getting quite stressed that I wouldn’t make the deadline of tomorrow, and worked until 4:30am on Monday night, and 2:30am last night.  Before calling it quits last night, I emailed to ask if it was possible to extend the deadline.  Good thing I did because now I can take it easy!  Of course the work still has to be done, and while spreading it out over more days will make it more relaxing, it means having to work over the break.

Of course, I have enough backlogged work that this was my plan anyway.  I’m feeling rather depressed about this.  I know I could really use a break right now, but the two weeks I get off from teaching over the holidays is the only time I will have to get caught up on the transcriptions for my research interviews.  I desperately want to graduate this spring or summer, so need to get this all done.  Spending Christmas alone and working is a depressing thought however.  Well, I still have a few days to decide.

The dogs had a boring day yesterday as I only left my desk for biobreaks.  I am going to take them out for a nice run today though.  The temperature has dropped considerably and there’s a light dusting of snow on everything.  That should keep them clean, which will be nice.

Last night Liam came home with a big hole in his side.  Well, it’s not that big – about the size of a pea.  Clearly a puncture wound of some sort.  I checked him over and since there was no matching hole anywhere else, I’ve ruled out an animal bite.  He must have fallen and torn his flank on something.  The house next door was torn down and rebuilt over the summer and there’s still plenty of lumber with nails.  As temperatures dropped yesterday, ice was everywhere and he could easily have slipped and gouged himself.

It is pretty much impossible to control the environment for your animals, and I need to learn to let more things go.  I am still very frustrated that the neighbours are putting out crap cat kibble.  Evie is obsessed with getting out of the house and eating it, and if she does, she won’t eat anything I have to offer.  I can already see a dramatic change in her health as all the fur is once again gone on her stomach and she has sores all over.  When she first started doing this, people thought I was over reacting in getting so upset.  But now that the effect is visible, others are commenting as well.  Liam fortunately doesn’t seem interested in that food.

This morning Ross came bounding over to me with a prize in his mouth: a pile of frozen kibble poo.  Lovely!  The same people feeding the cats also have a couple of dogs and clearly don’t pick up after them when they go on the edge of our property.  Nice!  Fortunately Ross was happy to exchange the frozen poo for a nice piece of raw chicken.

After noticing Liam’s gash, I spent a little time organizing some first aid for him, and then thinking about all the animals in terms of their homeopathic treatment.  Liam had just come in from outside and was  cold and shivery, and did not want to be touched.  The wound was clean and not bleeding, so I put a blanket by the woodstove for him to sleep on, and gave him a dose of Ledum 30c.  This remedy is strongly indicated for punctures (including from insect and animal bites) and helps support the body against things like tetanus, tick born diseases and even (allegedly) rabies.  This morning the hole is closed and he is happy to be petted all over and is acting normal.  I will likely give him a dose of Calendula 30c now, to promote healing.  Then just keep an eye on things to make sure it heals up nicely.

With respect to the others, I decided to re-dose Kestrel with Belladonna.  I have noticed a steady improvement in her since her last dose a few weeks ago.  I thought it might be just my imagination at first but my roommate (who did not know I gave her anything) was commenting on how much calmer she has been of late.  Kess also stopped barking in her crate while I was working other dogs (remember how calm she was at the agility seminar?) – she used to throw horrible tantrums every time she got left behind, and that stopped almost overnight.  After her last dose she became quite itchy for a couple of weeks as well.  This is a good sign.  Healing happens from the inside out, and movement from mental issues to skin issues is definitely an indication of the life force moving things in the correct direction.

I decided to try a new remedy with Mira as the Phosphorus really didn’t seem to be doing anything for her.  I recently came across this interesting article about homeopathic veterinary practice, and in it there was some discussion about Pulsatilla and anxiety issues and sound sensitivity.  I had already been considering Puls for Mira because of all her hormonal issues (Puls is strongly indicated for ‘female issues’), and this made it seem like even a better fit.  So I gave her a test dose last night.  This morning she is absolutely wild!  She clearly feels really good and was flying around the house, barely touching the ground.  I haven’t seen her this happy-go-lucky in ages.  Hopefully this means the Puls is doing something good for her.  It has been breaking my heart to see her so clingy and worried all the time.

Well I must tend to the woodstove, which is being persnickety today with all the wind and refusing to light.  It’s cold in here and I need to get down to some work before taking the dogs for a hike.  It’s great that I have more time now to finish this grading set, but I have a million other things that I must do as well.  Time to get to it!