I am really hitting the end of my rope.  Here it is, 12:45pm and I have yet to start working.  I have roughly 8 hours of work that I absolutely MUST get done today.  Specifically, I have 180 exams to grade and deliver by tomorrow.  The place I have to drop them off to is half way to my parents house, which means that I need to get myself packed, organized and the house shut down before I leave.  This is going to make for a very busy 24 hours, and all I have energy for is to sit here and surf the internet.  I want to exercise the dogs, and should have done so already.  My plan had been to run them this morning and then work all afternoon, but I haven’t been able to get out of my chair.  Heck, it took me two hours to get out of bed.  I haven’t felt this tired in a long time and clearly have pushed myself too far.  Damn.

My only option now is to start working and forget about trying to get the dogs exercised.  Instead I will take work breaks and do a little training with one dog on each break.  At least the weather is nice and I can leave them outside for much of the day, where they can watch the world go by.  Being a Sunday there’s a fair bit going on.  Some kid keeps going by on a go-cart, which the dogs find quite stimulating. Earlier, a big white cat walked past the fence.  There’s simply no end to all the excitement happening around here on a weekend!