I am not a fan of Facebook, but I recently joined the Rabies Challenge’s facebook group because I was hoping to keep up with any new info this initiative was providing.  I am glad I joined as they don’t post often, but when they do the info is quite good.  This week they posted about a new magazine called Dogs Naturally.  You can access this magazine here, and download the entire first issue (free for a limited time only).

I have only glanced through the articles, but so far they look quite good.  There’s an entry by Don Hamilton (DVM) who writes about vaccines (he is the author of this fantastic book on homeopathy for dogs and cats), and an article written by Jean Dodds (DVM) on autoimmune problems and hypothyroidism.  I glanced at this and article and saw listed under symptoms of hypothyroidism the droopy eyelids and “tragic look” that Ross has developed and which I have been convinced are a symptom of his life force being out of balance.  There it was in black and white at last.  There are also articles on kidney disease, cancer and an introduction to homeopathy.  I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this magazine and hope it will be a valuable addition to the knowledge available to those wishing to raise their pets naturally.