Not a lot to report as I’ve been working like a fiend and not spending a whole lot of time with the dogs.  We had an agility lesson this week and my instructor commented on how happy she was with the progress we’ve made.  Practice does pay off! She still thinks it will be 8 months before Hannah will be ready to compete, but we’ll see.  She said if we continue to practice at home regularly, this make happen sooner.

I am signing us up for another Kevin Evans clinic, to be held in May.  I am really looking forward to working with him again.  I learned a lot last year and the time I spent at that clinic really moved us forward.  I want to make sure we train as much as possible prior to the clinic in order to get the most out of it.  Last year the dogs had seen sheep perhaps a half dozen times in the 7 months leading up to the clinic, and we still learned a lot. This time I am going to enroll Mira and Kestrel into more session as I need help with both of them.  There is also a specific shedding clinic being taught by Kevin the day before the main clinic is being run and I have signed Hannah up to that.  We can shed, but it ain’t pretty.  Time to learn how to do it well.

I just go tin from a walk with Ross.  The beach is completely transformed – no longer a flat sand beach that runs into water.  Now it is a landscape of steep hills, created by the build up of ice.  It’s really amazing!  I forgot  my camera but will go for another walk later or tomorrow and bring it.  I don’t know if pictures will quite capture the magical landscape of sparkling 30 foot hills of ice, but I’ll try!