I just battled my way home through the first real winter storm we’ve had this year.   We’re getting the north tip of a big storm that is pummeling (once again) much of the US Northeast.  They really are getting blasted this year!  I usually love snow but given my long commute, I’ve been grateful not to have to fight snow on top of it all.  I expect there will be a few more snow days before the winter gives way to spring, but we’re well on our way now.

The dogs had another long day at home without me.  I was at my parents house over the weekend, getting more work done on my back.  So travel, plus having to grade 160 exams and then prepare a lecture for today made for a very busy few days.  I’m sleeping horribly of late, despite all the work by my osteopath, massage therapy and homeopath.  As a result, it’s been tough finding extra energy to get them out for exercise, let alone train, although I have done some.  We have agility tomorrow and I didn’t get nearly enough practice in since our last lesson.  Drat.  Fortunately I have 12 days off starting Thursday and I can’t wait! I was going to take the dog out to the farm and work sheep, but given the weather, it might not be an option.  Perhaps I’ll stick to my plan of taking January and February off after all.

I have a bit of a dilemma – I’ve been offered more work for next year.  Now this would be great, except I’ve already accepted enough work to keep me busy full-time. It’s exciting to be in demand (for teaching) at long last, so I am not complaining.  However, the pay is extremely low.  Taking on more work will of course mean more money – and who doesn’t need more money these days?  But it will be at the expense of time.  That said, if I have this degree done and over with, maybe I will be able to do it.  I need to put more thought into it.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I am working with a new homeopath, and this week she had me take a higher potency of the remedy that she identified for me.  On Sunday night I took a 1M dose.  I haven’t noted any big earth shattering change but I am feeling generally not too bad these days.  Even with all this work and long days, I am not sliding back into my exhaustion states that I was experiencing last year, and especially since the car accident.  So I think it is indeed helping.  Homeopathy works by helping you feel more like yourself.  As such, it’s hard to really identify how it helps you.  You just suddenly start being able to be…you, more easily.  I am getting work done, staying positive, not getting upset by things that used to send me flying into a rage or tears, and catching myself whistling away or singing songs I made up.

I am also experiencing a few ‘aggravation’ symptoms from this remedy, specifically canker sores.  Yuck! I hate them, and my mouth is full of them.  It hurts to eat, talk and smile.  My teeth ache.  I can’t wait for this to go away.  I am very sensitive in general and often experience aggravations if the potency is a bit too strong.  When I first started homeopathy, I experienced periods of uncontrollable sobbing (like for four days), which is probably why I feel so calm now – I let several decades of built up suppressed grief out all at once!  Not pleasant but I sure feel better now.  Still, it would be nice if I could get to feeling better without suffering these side-effects.  At least they are just on a physical level now, which now that I think of it means I have done A LOT of healing.  My mental state (the deepest level of health) is better than I think it’s been in my whole life, so with time my body should catch up.  My only regret is that I didn’t find out about this earlier.

I am rambling tonight with no clear point to this post.  I have a number of things I want to write about in more detail but they will have to wait until I am more clear headed.  I was going to light a fire and sit here and write for a couple of hours but now I think I am just going to go to bed.  I took some photos of the dogs and of the beach the other day, and will try and get them up, maybe tomorrow.  I’ll take a few more after this storm is done.  For now I am going to enjoy the howling wind from inside my snug (although not that warm without the fire going) home.  Good night!