I mentioned a few posts ago that I am considering once again moving.  The reason for this is that I have been offered full-time work starting in September, and that will require me driving back into town more frequently.  Right now I go in twice a week, but the schedule they originally offered me would entail driving 3 days in the fall, and four in winter.  Doing this commute (2 hours return) four days a week is an insanity.  No thank you!

Since then, there has been a request to change the schedule so that I’ll be teaching two days a week in the fall, and three in the winter.  That might be more manageable.  I have head nothing back, however, as to whether or not this change has gone through.  In fact, I have not yet signed a contract, so the job may still fall through.  Last year the course I was to teach was cancelled the day before it started.  Until I sign a contract, nothing is guaranteed.

I was told I would get an official offer by the end of February, but here it is mid-March and nothing yet.  Because of this I cannot make any plans.  That suits me fine because right now I don’t have time to house hunt, pack or move.  Maybe in June.  We’ll see.  I keep going back and forth on what I would like to do given my druthers.  I don’t have a clear answer.

First, I really like this house and love, love, LOVE the conservation areas nearby.  As much of a pain as it is to have to drive 15 minutes to get to them, that’s probably a real treat compared to many locations.  That I can let all four dogs run off-leash at least 8 months of the year is worth its weight in gold.  I have been able to find places to run my dogs just about everywhere I’ve ever lived, but with this  many dogs it gets tougher and tougher.  Just finding a house with this crew is going to be a real challenge.  I’m also don’t like that most of the rural housing in this area is set very close to fast roads, and is often surrounded by corn fields.  No thank you on both counts!

Finally, sharing living expenses is a real bonus.  I would really like to be able to buy my own place when I finally get a full-time job, yet paying full rent on my own will make it impossible to put anything aside.  Even though I will be working full-time next year, it is still a piece-meal of 4 part-time contracts with low pay and no benefits.  Plus I’ll have to start paying back my student loans.  Renting a house on my own will leave me with little to put aside.  Staying put will give me some financial fluidity.  Provided that my roommate stays (she’s recently unemployed and may need to move for a job), or that I can find someone else to live here.

I’ve considered just moving regardless.  I would really like to have a garden, and perhaps a few chickens, and how many times have I written about getting sheep?  How I’d love to start my little homestead.  I’ve thought perhaps that I should go ahead and move, but then if I get a permanent job the following year, I’ll need to move again.  The chances of me getting a job locally are slim-to-none.  However, considering the current job market, I might be working part-time sessional work for the next 2-3 years, instead of just the next year.  In that case, perhaps I’m better off moving now and getting started on some of these other plans.  Oh to have a crystal ball!

There are many factors to consider when making this decision, but the bottom line is that many decisions have to be made by others first.  Until I have a signed contract, know my official schedule and know what my roommate’s plans are, I cannot make an informed decision as to what is best for me to do.  So, I try not to think about it and go about my work.  Well, obviously I am thinking about it as I wrote this all down here.  My goal is to get it out of my head and carry on!  What’s meant to be will make itself clear when it is time, and if I am to move, the right house and home will present itself.  Until that happens, we’re staying put.