(NB: Part I of this case can be found here; Part II can be found here; and Part III can be found here.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an update on Jack, but I actually have some fabulous news to share.  Jack is walking normally again!!!  He apparently is completely recovered and back to his old self.  When I received this news, I was absolutely beside myself with joy.  Not only does this mean that Jack now hopefully will live a long and happy life, it also bodes well for other dogs who suffer from vaccine induced paralysis.  Every other case I know of ended with the death of the dog – not from progression of the disease, but from euthanasia.  In every other case, the dog was elderly and it was assumed that nothing more could be done.  It was also assumed that progressive paralysis was normal in old dogs and an indication that the end of was near.  Euthanasia simply was used to speed up what was seen as inevitable.  In Jack’s case, his paralysis struck at age four.  Despite the suggestion by many to euthanized, his owner flat out refused to give up on such a young dog.

The last time I wrote about Jack was shortly after he seemed to have stabilized.  I had moved an hour away and his owner was just heading back to work full-time.  We kept in touch regularly, but since Jack wasn’t getting worse, working on  his case was put on the back burner.  Indeed, every time I spoke with her she said he was fine, or even getting a bit better.  We figured that the progressive degeneration was done and that we’d just wait and see how things turned out, and start more aggressively working on his case again when we had the time to do it properly.

I have been learning through my own experience with homeopathic treatment that it can take a long time for the full effect of even a single dose a remedy to be clear.  I took my last dose of my current remedy about two months ago and I am still seeing continued improvement.  I’m quite astounded by this and am learning to be much, much, MUCH more patient with respect to this kind of treatment.  We are so used to near instant results, which homeopathy can also offer, in cases of acute illness or first-aid.  But when we see suffering, we want it to stop NOW.  So we use heavily suppressive drugs to make the symptoms go away, but this does not cure the disease.  Patience is required, and so is sometimes watching things that are unpleasant and uncomfortable.  Not that suffering should be part of healing – there is a role for short-term pain management etc.  But if the damage is serious (as in the case of paralysis), recovery will be slow.

Jack’s owner’s tenacity has paid off; after 18 long, heartbreaking months, she has her playful, happy Jack again.  Here is what she wrote:

“he can WALK again!!! It only took 18 months, but the post vaccine myalgia is finally gone! He even prances around when I try to brush him in the yard!!! … it is very exciting, it has been the last few weeks, he has started nudging me to go out, like he used to a long time ago…and when I get his leash he just bounces now like a puppy! So great that he recovered!!!”

So how did this happen?  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know.  Jack definitely had very powerful reactions to his homeopathic treatment and we did see changes happening very clearly once we started treatment.  However, this progression was interrupted with the course of prednisone, which also had a dramatic effect (and side effects).  So did the homeopathy cure him?  Or did the prednisone?  Or did he just get better on his own?  I should note that he is now on a 50% raw diet, which will certainly contribute to improved health as well.

Since we weren’t completely scientific with how we managed this case, we will never know exactly what helped, or if it was a combination of all of the above.  But the bottom line is that Jack recovered, and this should give hope to others fighting the same battle.