School is out, at last!  Classes ended on Thursday and I’m starting to settle in to my summer routine.  For example, I have not set my alarm clock for the last three days.  The first two days, I slept 12 hours!  Clearly I was tired.  But today I woke up easily after just seven hours of sleep, so I clearly wasn’t that run down.  This is an absolutely tremendous change for me.  Usually by the end of the academic year I am so run down that it takes weeks or even months for me to recover.  My health has improved so much in the last year that I don’t even recognize myself anymore.  What had become my norm of very low function seems to be becoming a thing of the past.  I am so, so, so relieved by this I can’t even begin to express it.  I’m only in my early forties, and to have less energy that people I know in their 70s was tremendously depressing.

I am not sure what I can attribute all of this healing to; I think it is the result of multiple factors.  First and foremost, I think homeopathy is at the foundation.  I noticed an improvement in energy after I first started treatment, and a steady rise in my health ever since.  Homeopathy most definitely cured the cyclic deep depression episodes I used to suffer from.  I haven’t had one in well over a year now and I don’t miss that one bit!  And I’ve been feeling especially well since starting on my latest homeopathic remedy, prescribed by my new homeopath.  The more I read up on this remedy, the more I see myself in it.  Amazing.

Other things that have helped: my diet (I cook everything from scratch, and nearly everything I eat is local and organic), my house (so peaceful and in such a beautiful setting), the regular hikes in the conservation area, and my new jobs.  Getting away from the toxic environment of my previous place of employment I think made a huge difference in my ability to stay positive.  I’ve even been able to pop in there a couple of times this last month (they still hold my general contract – I just have  new position elsewhere) without ending up feeling angry and bitter.  What a nice change!

As you can spiral downward when thing go wrong, you can also spiral upward.  If you can keep things positive around you, this helps your life force heal.  As it gets stronger, keeping positive becomes easier.  It is a good feedback loop, although one I still guard carefully.  I am now extremely defensive against things that can knock me off kilter, and am getting much, much better about not allowing them to do so.  Sometimes I have to manage it by just avoiding those things (like not going to my old office for nearly 6 months), but as I feel better, I am more able to just toughen my skin and let the negativity deflect off me.  Much of what used to upset me was really my own interpretation of things, and now that I feel so much more positive about life, I don’t think in ways that upset me.  Or at least not very often anymore.

I still have further to go in this process.  I still suffer from a lot of chronic physical pain and I still don’t sleep very well.  Plus I am not yet energetic enough to do much exercise and so on.  But it will all come with time I am sure.  Today I am going to go out and work in my garden.  I am going to clean up the beds, pull out the patio furniture, and fix my bike.  I would like to start riding again as it’s a great way to keep both myself and the dogs in good shape.  Likely I will just ride with Hannah and Kess as I need to be careful with Mira and her overheating, and Ross’s joints.  I borrowed my parents bike pump last weekend and will pump up the tires before returning it to them when I head back home later this afternoon.

Yesterday I picked up the used electronet and put it up around part of the garden.  It’s perfect!  I can now have the dogs out with me while I garden.  I have it set up so it is just short of the garden beds so that they won’t step on my seedlings and plants.  I have a few things that have come up already: chives, rhubarb, sorrel, kale and French tarragon.  Today I am going to plant peas and salad greens.  I wish I could do more, but this bed will be in full shade by end of June, so I can only plant things that like it cool, and that will be fully mature by then.  Over the next few weeks I will dig up a new bed in a sunnier spot and plant things for later in the summer.  I have joined my CSA again, so I will have no shortage of fresh, organic veggies (grown using crop rotation, soil fertility methods and tilled with horses!).  But there’s nothing like walking out your back door and clipping some greens into your bowl for a fresh salad.

Well, enough chatter.  Time to get down to work. The sun is out and it once again feels and looks like spring.  Woo hoo!