Hannah came into heat today. Yeah!  I’m very, very happy about that.  She’s about 3 weeks earlier than I anticipated based on her previous cycle pattern, but that’s just fine with me.  Starting three weeks from now would put her into standing heat during the clinic I’m taking her too, and I’d just rather not deal with that.  In addition to the clinic, I’m going to two conferences and visiting a friend for a week.  Since Hannah and Kess tend to cycle together, I was anticipating having to do all of that with at least two bitches in heat.  To top it off, Mira is also due to come in at the end of May.

I really hope that Hannah pulls both Kess and Mira into their cycles in the next few days, and then I can just be done with it for the season.  Mira’s cycle has never been affected by the others’, but Kess’s usually comes in with Hannah.  Fingers and toes all crossed!

Earlier this week I dosed Mira, Kess and my black cat with a 1M potency of their constitutional remedies.  They responded well to the last dose (200c), so I’m hoping the next level up will continue with getting them into better balance.  I’ve been giving Kestrel Belladonna as it continues to seem like a good fit for her.  I think she’ll eventually need other remedies, but I’m sticking with Bell for now.  The suddenness with which she moves, exploding into action from perfect stillness, plus her tendency to go bright red with any kind of exertion are two key symptoms which point to this remedy for her.  She also has many other Bell. symptoms, and has responded well in the past.  I’m mostly hoping the remedy will further take the edge off of her suddenness and her obsessiveness.  Time will tell.

Mira is on Pulsatilla, which surprisingly is a good fit for her.  One usually thinks of a Puls personality as someone who is exceptionally sweet and gentle, and those aren’t terms that come quickly to mind when one thinks of Mira.  But she is very much like this with me.  Plus (and more importantly) she’s an intense mamma’s girl, very clingy and emotionally needy.  She’s also very changeable – a key indicator for pulsatilla.  How many times have I written about how I can never predict how Mira will behave when out and about?  And how she develops strange neuroses and other symptoms, that then go away for no apparent rhyme or reason?  Puls is closely linked to Stramonium, the remedy Mira was on when younger.  Stram is full of delusions, but she no longer behaves as if she’s seeing things.  So Puls is the better fit for her now.

I gave it to her two days ago and have already noticed a mild improvement.  On Monday I noticed that she was being very clingy on our walk, sticking to my leg to the point of tripping me.  She hasn’t done this since the fall.  I suspected that she was becoming hormonal, or responding to the hormones of the other girls.  Now that Hannah’s clearly in heat, I know that I was right about this.  Hannah’s hormones will be even stronger now, but today Mira showed no indication of being clingy on our hike.  She ran and played for the entire time and now that I think of it, she’s not even sleeping on the bed (her usual spot when we’re at home).  Less clingy is definitely a good thing!

I also ordered Ross’s remedy – Calc. Carb – but didn’t give him a full dose.  I have noted that his coat is growing in nicely again since giving him the 200c a couple of months ago.  The change is quite noticeable.  Overall he’s doing well, but still is a bit overweight (about 2-3lbs) and still has his strange eye issues (saggy lower lids, black blotch on the inner eyelid of the left eye).  The last dose didn’t seem to touch either of those, but they are superficial symptoms (i.e. on the surface of the body) so not something I’m going to worry about too much.  That his coat is much healthier and that he’s behaving more relaxed and happy is far more important than having droopy eyes.  As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes getting to cure involves watching something uncomfortable, or perhaps less than attractive.  Our impulse is to suppress that which is unsightly, but the body may need to produce the blemish as a way of pushing disease out of the body.

The reason I didn’t give Ross the 1M dose is that I’m not 100% sure such a high potency will work for him.  He’s a very mellow guy, and 200C may be strong enough.  I don’t want to cause an aggravation.  So I am not going to dose him until I’ve had a good consult with my homeopath, preferably in person.

I was also not sure if Calc Carb was still the remedy for him.  Belladonna is the acute of this remedy (in terms of remedy relationships), so out of curiosity, I held up both bottles to him.  I’ve heard of people doing this as a way of seeing which remedy to use.  Ross gently sniffed both, then put his nose on the Calc Carb and ignored the other bottle.  Interesting.  I mixed the bottles up and held them out again.  Ross again sniffed them, and then very assuredly nose butted the Calc Carb.  Twice.  Well, that’s clear enough!  I decided to give him an olfactory dose – as dogs are so nose oriented, I suspect this might be enough for him.  So I opened the bottle and held it out.  He gave a gentle sniff, then one long inhale and walked off.

I’ll leave things like that for now and just watch and see.  I am currently on a 1M potency myself, and it is clear in how my body is responding that it can take 1-3 months before we will know just how well the remedy is working.  Since none of the issues I’m dealing with are causing any danger, I’m happy to now give each animal the time and see what comes of this latest dosing.

Oh, regarding my black cat – she has had long-standing skin problems.  Despite the raw diet, she has large bald patches on her body.  These were growing larger, and the bare skin was covered in sores and scabs.  My homeopath recommended giving her Nat Mur tissue salts, which worked wonders.  She immediately stopped scratching and the sores healed.  When no more improvement showed, I gave her Nat Mur 200C.  A couple of weeks later, I noticed her fur growing back in in many places.  That was a couple of months ago, and she’s now as “furred” as she’s ever been, but still has bald patches on her stomach and inner back legs.  I’m hoping going up one more potency will fix this.  Her skin no longer seems to bother her but she’s acutely sensitive to cold.  It would be nice if she had a bit more fur on her belly as that will make next winter more comfortable for her.

That’s about all I have to report for now.  The dogs are all sleeping well after an excellent hike this morning.  I am still planning on doing a little brain work this evening with them, after I get more academic work done.  I’m afraid I’m behind on that, and should really be grading instead of writing here!  I also managed to get one garden bed fenced off, and will do the other either later this evening or first thing tomorrow.  Well, back to work!