Not a whole lot going on today.  It’s slightly overcast, very humid and warm but not hot.  A lazy Sunday.  I woke up early today (6am) to the sound of a cat hollering.  I had left my cats out overnight, which I never usually do but they simply wouldn’t come in.  Must have been something to do with the full moon.  Anyway, when I heard the cat meowing (although I knew it wasn’t one of mine), I got up to let them in.  Then I curled up in a living room chair and dozed for a bit with both cats curled up with me.  I wonder if they would spend more time with me if I wasn’t constantly surrounded by a pack of border collies!

When I finally fully woke up, I took the dogs out back and ate my breakfast and did some reading.  I love that the landlord still hasn’t cut the grass on most of the property because that gives me a nearly four foot privacy barrier around the area that I have kept short.  This means I can wander out in my pj’s and enjoy my breakfast or doing a little yoga, without the neighbours being able to see me.  The landlord will eventually cut the grass, but I’m quite enjoying for the moment.  And I’m hoping he’ll put what energy and time he has for this house into fixing the leaking roof first.

I didn’t do anything with the dogs yesterday, and you can really tell the difference today.  When they are well exercised and mentally tired, I can get up and walk about the house without them stirring.  Today they leap to their feet and follow me where ever I go.  Cute, but annoying.  Nothing’s going on guys!  I keep telling them, but they are eternally hopeful.

I may take them for a hike this evening as I expect the conservation area to be pretty quiet by then, but we’re into full summer here now and there are just too many people about for me to go to our favourite hiking area on the weekends.  The chances of quite a few people being there are high enough that I don’t want to waste my time driving there only to turn around.  Or to have to walk them on-leash.  It won’t kill them to have Saturdays as down-time days.  We don’t usually train on the weekends either because that’s when the farm holds their lessons, and I don’t want to get in the way or tire the sheep they use for their classes.

I will likely do some agility training with them in the yard today, however, as we have a lesson again on Tuesday.  I’m determined to get Hannah trialing by fall, and my instructor is helping us accomplish this.  That means pushing us forward a bit faster, which in turn requires us to take lessons a little more frequently.  Twice a month isn’t quite cutting it.  So we’re going every week for a few weeks to see if we can make more progress.

In agility I am now working with Hannah to get her doing full contact equipment at last.  We’re still putting the final polish on her contacts, but we’ve also started her on the teeter and the A-frame.  She’s doing 12 poles very consistently and with increasing speed, so I expect she’ll be ready to compete in a starters class by early September.

I’ve made some progress with Kess in agility as well.  She gets very excited when we go to class because she is still quite stimulated around other people, but she does seem to be finally settling a bit.  I stopped using the clicker, and I think that helps. The click seemed to rev her up too much.  For stationary behaviour (we’re having to do all the same things that I’ve been doing with Hannah around contact equipment, which entails a lot of standing still and doing nose touches) I need to keep things pretty quiet with her.  Even with jumping I’ll need to stay low key as she gets pretty wound up and will send bars a-flyin’.

I can’t say that I am very motivated to do agility these days.  I’m not sure why not, other than my heart really is in herding.  But I do like doing the agility training.  I think it’s because I’m feeling rather low energy – still – after all my travels.  Plus my days are so very full.  In addition to writing and preparing my courses for fall, and cooking and putting food by for winter, and training & exercising the dogs, I’m still finishing off setting up my house and rearranging things since my roommate moved out.  I thought that would be a small job, but it’s taking several weeks!  I have friends and family coming to stay for most of the month of July, so things need to be tidy and the extra bedrooms need to be functional.

This morning I spent two hours sorting out my closets.  I think that’s pretty much set now, at last.  There are still several piles in my bedroom and living room to finish organizing.  Plus a bunch of the landlord’s stuff to box up and put into the one room he has kept for his storage.  I try to do these types of jobs while talking on the phone as otherwise they’re just too boring for me to get through them.  I have a couple of ‘phone dates’ with long-distance friends this week, and will hopefully finish up these remaining tasks.

Tomorrow I need to mail out my trial entries as one of them closes this week.  I feel like it just opened for entries, but that was nearly three weeks ago.  My goodness how time flies.  In a few days it will be July and my summer will be half over.  Yet I have barely scratched the surface of all the things I need to do.  I’m trying not to panic and just take every day as it comes, working on what I can do in small, daily pieces.  Speaking of which, I’d best either go train the dogs, or get back to some work.