Very quick note before hitting the hay.  My last post was on July 17th.  On the 18th I had visitors arrive and I’ve had non-stop visitors ever since.  My last guest left yesterday, and then I drove 2 hours to spend the evening with yet another friend who had flown to the area from the West Coast.

I think all visiting is done now, at least until the end of the month.  Hopefully I will have time to get back to regular writing again now!  I do have some things to report on the dogs’ training.  I’ve been getting out to the farm when I can, and even had a wonderful friend and Open handler spend some training time with me last week that helped tremendously.  He’s a very kind and sensitive trainer and Mira actually would work with him on the field, and even worked for him!  Finally someone who can help me wit her.

I’d love to write more but I’m beyond tired and need to get to bed and back into an early to bed, early to rise routine.  Good night!